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Drawing board and digital art, calligraphy education

Painting, for each of the children are very much like to do one thing. Painting can allow students to display the inner world through the brush, although vary in their level of painting, but in the form of performance or bored.

Coupled with with the use of the deepening of the reform of education and information technology in the teaching of diversification, the original means of education, far from meeting the needs of modern students, followed by integration of education, through a combination of art derivatives and information technology, to the teaching of art brought new content and vitality. And painting as one of the necessary basic skills in modern technology, under the influence of modern technology has been a huge change.

Basic art education is not a professional art education, but a kind of life art education. Through the understanding of life, understanding of life, in nature and life looking for the United States, found the United States, the use of some simple basic knowledge and basic skills of life, express their emotions. Students as a natural person, his what one sees and hears is life, they to the life nature is full of hope, curious, fun, they used to and like and life in the play, game, graffiti and considered is relaxed, happy life, wish to release a naive, get rid of the fast and tense. Grasp the students these points of interest, and reasonable use of digital painting (computer graphics) for fine arts education, will receive a multiplier effect.

The curriculum standard (outline) of art and information technology has put forward a new and rich educational direction for information technology and fine arts subjects. Therefore, whether it is an information teacher or an art teacher, it is necessary to combine the advanced educational ideas and methods with the practical teaching work, to establish an independent and creative learning environment for the students. And according to the teaching practice, the development of computer teaching materials, the original teacher's simple teaching into students to take the initiative to explore the main, combined with the students to learn the combination of flexible teaching and learning forms.

The domestic primary and secondary schools are equipped with basic computer room, room is from just as course information service to and other disciplines integration using, these schools in fact already have a equipment conditions to carry out the digital art teaching must, to carry on a related research of digital painting provided fertile soil.

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